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Welcome to our charming Four On Drupadi Villas In this new norm, we introduced Shanti Care, dedicated to serve, to care for you when you stay with us. Our medically qualified Healthcare aides(officers) and passionate butlers are trained to deliver a safe, healthy and memorable experience for all our guests. In view of current COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented several new health & hygiene protocols as well as safe distancing practices, in line with stringent cleanliness and luxury service. Shanti Care, a newly offspring of The Shanti Foundation seeks to nurture medically trained nurses and essential workers to support hospitality & medical tourism. We tap their medical knowledge and passion to provide guests with a caring and well-being environment. Let us introduce you to some of latest measures and what to expect from check-in and during your stay.

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At Four On Drupadi Villas, we are committed to safeguarding the health and safety of our guests and associates, offering you a safe environment to welcome you again. The hotel has been certified , where our hygiene and sanitation measures have been inspected by appointed accessors, and our associates are healthy and happy. Say hello to our promise to put safety first and stay with peace of mind at Four On Drupadi Seminyak.


I am I Gusti Agung Istri Cahyani Dewi.My parents named me this as it symbolises a woman who gives light like a goddess. I first learned about nursing at the Bali Medika Health Vocational School in Denpasar and continued studying at Bina Usada Bali Health Science College. I took this major because I felt I wish to alleviate the suffering of others was something that made my heart feel at peace.

I enjoy this work because I love being able to help others, especially during a pandemic like now. One of the contributions that I want to apply to the community and Shanti Care, one of which is sharing information and education about health, so that they are ready to face the current outbreak.

I live with my family in Tabanan, with a younger brother. I am raised in a humble environment. My father used to go to high school while my mother could only experience elementary school. They have hopes of their children attend college & attain an education. They started a business about 10 years ago so they could pay my tuition fees. My parents are also the reason why I finally decided to become a nurse, because they told me not to just judge things by the price alone nor attach humans with a monetary value. Being a nurse is something noble. It should not be seen just as a job. It is also a calling from God, a good deed to contribute on Earth, to help the community and those in pain. I see it as a rewarding vocation. My hobby is listening to music. I also enjoy visiting places that I have never been to because usually every new place I visit gives me a new insight and experience as well.

I am a hardworking person, I'm not afraid to put more effort to achieve my goals. The role of nurses during a pandemic is very important for all aspects of community life. As a nurse, the role is expansive. One can branch into nursing care, counselling and counsellors, being managers, researchers, and executors of tasks in the social welfare and medical field.


Safety Precautions in the Room & Public Area

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